Feel free to call us: +1 (719) 433-8658

A club for international students

The International Friendship Club (IFC) is a new club at MCC. The purpose of this club is to create a venue for the international students and the North American students to interact and create friendships. Our world has become a global community and it is more important than ever that people begin to think and communicate internationally. In today’s marketplace it is frequent for projects and initiatives to be headed up by team members of different back grounds. The IFC desires to be a place where students can be exposed to various nationalities for the purpose of learning and understanding. There is much we can learn from each other.

Club Officers

President: Nathan Elsner

Email: NathanElsner7@gmail.com
Phone/text: 480-717-9395
Vice President: Nathan Saunders

Email: njsaund@gmail.com
Phone/text: 480-390-3865
Secretary: Hannah Levey

Email: lifeoffaith@cox.net
Phone/text: 480-272-0766
Treasurer: Shawna Long

Email: laughoften21@gmail.com
Phone/text: 602-422-0405
Senator: Stephen Sprout

Email: stephen.sprout23@gmail.com
Phone/text: (480) 313-0641

Club Staff Advisor and Volunteers

Mrs. Janet Vogt

Email: janet.vogt@mesacc.edu
Joe and Sheryl Goll

Email: isiGollJs@gmail.com
719.433.8658 (Joe’s cell)
719.640.7545 (Sheryl’s cell)

Sister Clubs

  • African Students Forum
  • ISF at ASU Polytechnic
  • ISI Club at ASU Tempe